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Green Leaf Capital Partner's portal allows investors a single point of access for their investment including fund related reporting, investment documents and communications.

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Target Markets

US Multifamily Housing

Minimum Investment

$500,000 (2)

Carried Interest

20% (3,4)

Target Leverage


Target Net Investor Returns

11%–13% (5)

Target Fund Size

$350 Million (1)

Asset Management Fee

2% on Committed Capital

GP Group Commitment

Initial: $6M Current: $16.2M

Target Cash on Cash


Preferred Return

7% (4)


7 Years from Final Close (6)

(1) May be increased or decreased at the sole discretion of the General Partner.

(2) $500K in first close, $750K thereafter, subject to the General Partner’s right to accept lesser amounts at its sole discretion.

(3) Subject to Carried Interest breaks for investors with certain commitment thresholds as set forth in the PPM.

(4) See the PPM for the entire distribution waterfall.

(5) Please see performance notes in the presentation deck for additional information related to targets and projections.

(6) Subject to extensions pursuant to a renewal, two initial extensions of up to one-year each at the sole discretion of the GP and two additional extensions of up to one-year each with Advisory Board Consent.

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