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Sophisticated Technology Solutions

Green Leaf Capital Partners uses industry-leading, property management software and asset management solutions to manage financial operations. All property operational and financial details can be entered, tracked, and accessed at any time from any location utilizing state-of-the-art software. The software systems Green Leaf uses provide superior hands-on property management, marketing and yield maximization.

ACTIVITY REPORTS / CREDIT APPLICATIONS / LEASING / WEBSITE MANAGEMENT / MARKETING Manages and track the leasing process including tenant screening, lease processing and electronic leasing, as well as website marketing and ad blast marketing.
BAD DEBT COLLECTIONS / RECOVERY Collections and debt recovery from former tenants.
ONLINE PAYMENT PROCESSING / CHECKS OR CREDIT CARD / RECURRING OR ONE-TIME Accepts and manages online payments from residents
HUMAN RESOURCES / EMPLOYEE BENEFITS / STATE EMPLOYEE COMPLIANCE / SAFETY PROGRAMS / ETC. Human resource management assuring compliance with all state employee requirements as well as provide larger group benefits
UTILITY REIMBURSEMENT / SET ALLOCATIONS / MONTHLY RESIDENT BILLING Resident bill back for allocation of water/sewer/gas/trash expenses
UNIT PRICING / FORECASTING Forecasts availability and pricing for new leases and renewals using historical property and current market data from more than one million units
TRAINING: LEASING / CUSTOMER RELATIONS / MARKETING / RETENTION / FAIR HOUSING / ETC. Employee education and online training courses geared specifically for the multifamily industry
ACCOUNTING / FINANCIAL REPORTING / PORTFOLIO AND PROPERTY DATA / TENANT DETAIL / BILLING / ETC. Property management software and asset management solution to manage financial operations